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Save Your Lungs And Your Money By Choosing Lucid

Let’s be honest, you probably aren’t saving all year long just to shell out an exorbitant fee for cleaning a room that only holds your holiday decorations. Whether you are selling your home, renting one out, remodeling, or spring cleaning; it’s important that your attic remains in good condition. With Lucid Home Restoration you can have both an attic empty of mold and a bank account full of money. Don’t call our services cheap though. It may be at a lower cost to you but it will have an equal or better result than our competitors. Any mold that we clean is removed completely, not just treated with a disinfectant and bleached.
This is done by using peroxide products that boil out the organic root systems from the wood. Everything is vacuumed with HEPA filtering and any additional scrubbing, wire brushing or, if necessary, a final application of a bleach based stain remover. All of this while under negative air and containment preventing cross contamination through your home.
How do I keep my cost low you ask? Simple, I treat you like a homeowner not an insurance company. You’ll be charged for the equipment used, chemicals and materials needed for the job and for decontamination, and labor based on actual time spent working. $35 because a vacuum was used? No. But $10 to decontaminate it (wiped down with strong disinfectant), replace the bag, and for eventual filter changes sounds fair. Over $100 for rags and the like? Only if it needed it and you’ll have a picture of the 50 cent bag full of disposable towels. Paying hundreds on labor alone? If I’m charging for all the materials used, why charge more than $50 an hour? Want to know what an actual estimate looks like to see if this is relevant to you? Subscribe to receive an updated pricing sheet and example invoice detailing the scope of the job.

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