HomeServices Testimonials


Here are a few comments from our HomeServices customers:

Austin Kowalski Handyman Services: “You’ll want to keep this guy on your list.  He’s awesome.  Super friendly and helpful.”-K.L.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks did a fabulous job!  They were very accommodating in a tough situation”.-Shannon Roberts, Agent

“Don at A Perfect Clean did a fabulous job on our window cleaning.  I had no idea how dirty they were until I saw how gorgeous they could be today!!”-Kim Gellatly

“I Just wanted to let you know that I called all 3 of these referrals and they ALL called back within 15 minutes. Excellent.  1 even stopped by last night 30 minutes after I called to give a bid (Victor from Timbers Construction and Handyman Services).  Just an FYI. “-Moe Daniels/Hey Paula Team

“I recently had a new garage door installed and it was a very positive experience
working with All About Doors.  Everyone was professional, friendly and helpful.  They really did a great job from start to finish and I appreciate that we have them as a partnering vendor in our HomeServices Program.  Thank you Steve, Trevor and Brian!”-Susie

“Neil at Genesis Construction is fabulous!”-Kim Gellatly

“We think Neil at Genesis Construction did a great job, he went above and beyond! He was always available when we had questions and was easy to work with even though it could have been difficult since we were out of the state. Everything that he worked on was done with great quality too.”-K.M.

 “I used The All Service Kompany for house cleaning and they did a great job.  Thanks for giving me their name and number!  I look forward to using their service again! –Janet Dalton

“Just wanted to let you know that Victor Pacheco, Timbers Construction and Handyman Services, has done a great job for my client (buyer and seller) with recent home repairs.  We were able to close on schedule.” –Michele Nigro

“I wanted to share with you that Colorworks NW did an excellent job for me.   I have over 30 years of running commercial construction and know what it takes to be a good subcontractor.   Eric was knowledgeable, courteous, responsive, timely and had very competitive pricing.   It was a pleasure to work with someone that cares about what he does and knows how to do it right the first time. ” –Bruce Nicholson

“Thanks for all your help.  We love you guys!  I don’t know how many times you make us look good and we appreciate it.  Between calling ahead on listing appointments, to client contact early in the sale, to dependable contractor referrals, to follow up on contractor performance.” – Gary Musgrove

“HomeServices did just a fabulous job for me! Organizing the work on an over 5,000 square foot home would have taken so many hours and days of work! From our hardwood floor company to our carpet cleaners, to the house cleaners, to flooring installation, electrical work, painting, wallpaper removal and landscaping, our HomeServices Department turned an outdated home into a gorgeous estate!! Thank you so much for all your help!.” –Kim Gellatly

“I have used Solas for two bathroom remodels during the past few years. Both involved replacement of the shower/bath. They were competitively priced, extremely pleasant and professional and they were fast.”- Chip Morris

Locks On Wheels has been great! They arrive promptly and they are efficient and professional.” –Sarah L.

Portland Chimney did a fabulous job for us! They replaced our chimney from the roof up. They were timely, organized, very neat and personable. I highly recommend their services.” –Kathy Wilkins